Raindrop Essentials

An experience that stimulates and balances energy throughout the body, providing a deep, profound release physically, emotionally, and spiritually

Raindrop Technique*

Synergistically combining the holistic, electromagnetically stimulating techniques of aromatherapy, Vita Flex, and feather stroking


A holistic, harmonizing approach originating in France, pursuing the unity of an individual's physiology, psychology, and spirit to enhance the healing process

Vitality Through the Reflexes

Vita Flex is a Tibetan method, theorizing that light, rolling pressure creates a therapeutic electric charge, reinvigorating the nervous system

Feather Stroking

Based on a Native American practice of stroking feathers along the spine to mirror the healing properties of the Northern Lights

The Raindrop Effect

Essential oils are dropped from six inches above the spine, creating a raindrop effect, stimulating the electromagnetic field around the body

The Oils

Young Living essential oils are the highest quality in the world – sustainably cultivated, innovatively distilled, and rigorously tested for purity and potency


Spiritually invigorating, bringing balance and clarity to the mind, calmness and relaxation to the body


A powerful, ancient tonic, energizing the body and mind, and supporting healthy respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems


Mentally and spiritually grounding, renewing feelings of security and stability, and helping to maintain healthy circulation


Purifying and cleansing, supporting the body's natural defenses, and energizing stressed bodies and minds


An empowering blend, realigning energy to inspire feelings of strength, courage, and protection


Stimulating and invigorating, helping to alleviate the minor aches, pains, and inflammation of daily life


Calming and warming, relieving mild physical and emotional tension, and encouraging peace and relaxation


A powerful purifier, supporting and balancing the immune system, digestion, metabolism, and wellness

Aroma Siez

A relaxing blend with the comfort of lavender and the invigoration of peppermint, soothing stress and tension from head to toe